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About Irwin

    Irwin Finger began his musical career in the early 70's, entertaining audiences by playing acoustic guitar and singing original songs in clubs all over Manhattan, such as Folk City, The Bitter End, The Metro, Mostly Magic, Horn of Plenty, Inner Circle, Jason's Park Royal and Force 13.  At the same time, he was busy composing some very famous jingles for advertising agencies.  Among his hits are Bain De Soleil for the St. Tropez Tan(hear it on the "free songs" page), Pepsi Lite, Hush Puppies, Drake's Cakes, Wise Potato Chips, Wylers Lemonade and RC Cola. He also contributed a few songs to the yet to be released movie Comedy Hell. Hear the song Comedy Hell on the "free songs" page. Scroll down to "Featured Song".

    You can hear Irwin's original music streamed on Pandora, Itunes, Spotify, Rdio and Beats.

    Here is a link to Irwin's Youtube Channel. You can hear and see Irwin   perform a few of his favorite songs :

   Currently, Irwin is a faculty member of both The Bronxville and Scarsdale Adult Schools, teaching  guitar courses. Also, he and his son Michael  have just completed composing and recording  the score for a new cartoon called  "Look Out World". You can hear the original theme song  by going to the  "Links" page and clicking on the "Look Out World" website.

Here is a link to an article recently published in Advertising Age Magazine about Irwin's Bain De Soleil jingle:

    Irwin's new book about his adventures working in the garment industry, called "Garmentia Dementia", is now available  on Amazon.

    Irwin still enjoys entertaining. You can hear him at 
country clubs, outdoor festivals, coffee houses, private parties, and all kinds of special events including fundraisers. He also entertains at assisted and independent living communities as well as mental health facilities where he takes the residents on a musical journey  to various countries, and also travels back in time to visit different musical  eras.

    He provides a full, rich sound using his voice, acoustic guitar, drum machine and harmonica. He entertains both small and large audiences. His up tempo show includes songs by The Beatles, John Denver, Elvis, Chuck Berry, Hank Williams, Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, Cole Porter, George Gershwin and Paul Simon. He incorporates many musical styles such as rock, folk, country, reggae and Motown. He also possesses a unique comic flair which adds to the fun.

Irwin Finger is a member of BMI, Aftra, Sag and Local 802 AFO Musicians